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Sorry about those two massive posts with Bible passages. See, I procrastinated with a Bible stories project (rewriting them into a children's book-type thing, just so we understand the stories often referenced in literature) and this morning my printer jammed, so I couldn't take the original passages to school to work through lunch, so I panicked. Then I remembered that our school's computers don't block lj, thank goodness, so I posted them here to refer to in school.

So that's that. I'm going to nearly fail the project, I swear, but I'm pretty sure I did good enough to pass. I hope.

I recently got a job, which is awesome, because even if it's minimum wage (for goodness sake, it's the best you can get at my age unless you have an 'in' - a parent, an older friend...yeesh.) it's money that will continue to come in. For instance, if I buy something that uses up a lot of my current money, I don't have to panic about making the rest last until Christmas or my birthday. I -will- get another paycheck! 

I'm honestly happy. The fast-food place I work at isn't bad at all (it's not a burger-joint/fried food kind of place) and the uniform rocks. I don't get paid 'training wage' and my manager believes in the power of school and good sleep, so isn't giving me bad shifts at all.

I just wish the owner wouldn't take away a fellow trainee on a Sunday. I live in Christ-ville, people come in a rush after church! Two people isn't going to cut it.

Anyway, thank you for being patient. 

(Praise gorgy-porgy Hera XD )


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