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So someone reminded me that if I sign up for this thing, I should update it.

It's sunny and I'm going to go for a run soon. I know that [profile] geekwriter143 doesn't think 31 Celsius is hot, but daaaamn does walking in it suck. 

As of right now, I have my feet in a bucket of cold water. If my feet get hot, I feel hot all over. Thus, I must cool the feet. 

Tomorrow, I am going to my art teacher's house, as she is retiring and will miss us all, and despite my many moments of frustration and conflict with her, I will miss her (and art class, damn require courses!) so it will be enjoyable.

Here's MY summer to-do list.

-FINISH Socials 10 correspondence. I have procrastinated for a whole year, and now the deadline is coming up in two months. I'll update in a few days with my schedule.
-Read Macbeth and do the work. Due before July 15 (efff...) 
-Read 1984 and send in the work as well (August 15 effff...)
-Continue the exercise that my awesome gym teacher finally got me to enjoy (he's leaving too, what?) but more specifically, I want to workout with papercrown, who I don't hang out with enough EVER, and she'd motivate me (rail-thin chicky with perfect English and cheekbones of doom? Heck yes!)
-Get a better bod (I want to shop at normal stores again, /grumblegrumble)
-Increase work hours so that it'll balance out with the month I'm taking off. I want to make about $800-$1000 this month...so that means 100-125 hours. That's 25-32 hours a week. That's four eight hour shifts a week...I can SO do that! YES!

Alright, this list will probably be added to, but that's the core of it right there. 


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