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I Will Forever Remain

Ich bleibe für immer

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Birthdate:Apr 14
My name is Robin! I write and draw and I really like people.

My journal is pretty much friends only:

I know Bill looks very serious there, which is why I added a rainbow to cheer it all up; don't be afraid to message and add me if you'd like - you have nothing to be intimidated by, I promise. I've also sat looking at lj profiles thinking, "Oh my goodness, can I add them? What if they say no?"BUT please message me or comment on my Friends Only post to be added back; I would love a simple introduction or how you found me, because my journal does have a lot personal stuff in it.

I am very open on my livejournal, not just about writing and Tokio Hotel, but also about my own life. If that bothers you...then, perhaps you shouldn't add me? I try to put anything too serious under a cut, nonetheless.

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