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So, having lived at my dad's house for the last six weeks, I realized that I don't care or need about 60% of my clothes and 70% of my bathroom stuff. All the stuff I need fits into my bathkit.

So, I've been cleaning out my closet (and will work on bathroom tomorrow, because clothes are ALWAYS a priority) and god DAMN it's disgusting. Not like mould or anything (but there was a huge spider sleeping in my laundry basket) but more like "Why have you been in my closet for the last year?"

There are so many clothes I just...kept. I don't need them. I don't wear them. A lot of smaller clothes that even when I lose weight...I won't wear! Who do I think I'm kidding?

I kept a few things that are too-small right now, like my awesome-possum red cargo pants. I love those. But mostly everything else is going. It's like a shitty guy  I've kept in  my life, and now that he's gone? Wow, look at all that space and time I have now!

Damn all the shitty guys and shitty clothes to crappy cardboard boxes, I say. 

On a more positive note, I got this green wool jumper a while back at a second-hand store, and looking at it now...it's pretty boring, and I was about to get rid of it.

Except I remembered this bag full of red bows with white polka dots and a tiny rosebud in the center that I bought a few months back! I am going to sew a few onto the dress (on the wide straps and one off-center near the bottom) and might add two pockets to the front as well. And then...the dress becomes awesome! Thus, I am pleased. It will become like a $60 BuckleB shirt. Except not!

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